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              中華工控網 > 工控新聞資訊 > 美卡諾榮獲第二十六屆德國TOP 100最有創意創新企業獎
              美卡諾榮獲第二十六屆德國TOP 100最有創意創新企業獎


              At the 26th edition of the TOP 100 innovation awards RK Rose+Krieger GmbH of Minden was recognised as one of the best. The company will therefore be receiving its award from the mentor of the awards, Ranga Yogeshwar, the academic head of the comparative study, Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke, and compamedia at the Frankfurt Jahrhunderthalle on 28 June. TOP 100 assesses the innovation management of medium-sized businesses and the resultant innovation successes based on an academic system. The company, with its 230 employees, impressed during the independent selection procedure, in particular in the category of "Innovative processes and organisation". RK Rose+Krieger was recognised among the innovative elite for the eighth time.


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